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Cherish is a love song composed by K. Shankar for the 2010 Kannada film film Pokkiri. The song was well received by the masses as well as music directors S. Thaman and veetil. The track is sung by  Bhavana, and lyrics are written by Kaviraj Patnaik. The song was released on 12 February 2011 and had become a massive hit, receiving high praise from critics as well as the general masses. The song is available as a single download as well. Cherish became popular among the youths and has since had several cover versions. The song was again remade in Kannada in 2015, titled "Ondare", and composed by Deva. Bhavana's "Cherish" vocals and the song's haunting guitars have been praised by music critics. Background The song is a modern love song composed by K Shankar for the film Pokkiri. The song has been sung by Bhavana, with lyrics by Kaviraj Patnaik. The song was released on 12 February 2011. The song was not expected to do well, but it proved to be a massive hit and has been praised by the masses. Reception The song has received high praise from music critics. Mathrubhumi stated, "Cherish by Bhavana is a magnificent'modern' song. The slow beat, perfect balance of melody and rhythm, and the hummable chorus have made this song a hit. It is a thumping, heartfelt song that will rock any party, leaving a large imprint in people's memories." Music video The music video was made in 2–3 days with the track's lyricist, Kaviraj Patnaik. The concept of the music video was to portray a couple unable to live without each other. The video shows a couple, with the man trying to leave the woman, but is unable to do so. The video shows a love triangle, as each of the characters, attempt to pull the other one away from the other. The video ends with the couple finally falling in love with each other. The video has been received well by the masses, and has been praised by music critics. References External links Category:2011 songs Category:Kannada film songs Category:Songs written for films Category:Songs with




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Android Korg Pa Manager Full 459 3 [Updated-2022]

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