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... explores the often hidden tensions and conflicts that arise when modern, modernised families attempt to recreate their original, pre-industrial past. (Hilary Mantel, 2008). In terms of 'the age of the cybernated child', we must remember that parental control was only one aspect of technology in the home. In 1970, 46 per cent of children said that they watched television at least once a week. In 2008, that figure had dropped to 18 per cent (this includes the effects of video game play and computer play, not simply that of TV), so television use in the home has changed, but it is important to note that children spend a great deal of time with their parents in the home. Technology use in the home has also changed. Today, at least in the western world, digital media is more accessible to everyone, especially children, and the number of devices in the home has increased. And yet we know that more media use is associated with increased emotional well-being for children. As Murray remarks: Children's minds have not yet been harmed by this development in any way that we can recognise, so there is no need to be anxious about the Internet or new media in the home. Of course, all kinds of care should be taken in the use of new technology, just as with any other powerful tool. (Murray, 1998) Our paper is concerned with the discussion in this context of how to use technology at home. As digital technology has become more pervasive in recent years, we have heard about parents having cyber anxiety, with fears about their child falling victim to the newest form of technology, such as the smart phone. While all the many reasons for this may be partly responsible, there is an underlying sense of the 'anxiety' brought on by the ubiquity of technology. Not only are children now at the centre of home life in the digital age, but so is their technology. It is now common for children to have their own iPads, smart phones and even computer games consoles (that they share with their parents). We might imagine that this presents parents with a particularly complex set of problems. For children, these are things that they are familiar with, they have used for a long time and that they know how to use well. As parents, it can feel much more difficult to know what to do. This may be because, as parents, our minds have changed in terms of how we use technology and the expectation we have for our children of




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Joan G Robinson When Marnie Was There Pdf 57

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