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Ndai Na Gicandi Kikuyu Enigmas Pdf




In:. The Permanent Settlement of Bengal. Ashoka's Great Edicts of Indian Origin (Oxford: Oneworld,, pp. When the British decided to carry out the settlement, they were faced with a massive task, since a single estate owner had holdings in various localities and the average population of the Punjab was approximately 2 million. This was further complicated by the fact that the district was not organized into administrative units as it is today but had little more than rajas and chieftains as its governing bodies. Local power, by tradition, rested in the hands of the local Hindu community, which held sway in parts of southern and eastern Punjab. The British had taken control in two stages. The British gained control in stages and did so with a degree of force. Despite this, the colonists made it a point to stress that the new settlement was being imposed from above. Other factors that led to this decision included the fact that British rule had been successful in India in other areas and the fact that there was a growing sentiment that Hindu rule was not suitable for a new polity. Introduction Furthermore, they were the most active segment of society in the new polity, thus gaining the most from the settlement. They also owned most of the land in the district, which made them the privileged elite of the British colonial administration. The British therefore perceived them as being the most suitable actors to carry out the policy. The Mughal Empire had introduced a system of forced labour and bonded labour — called bakshis, for Bengalis — in Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. In these areas, the British, however, decided to treat these groups as a separate category of people and to grant them an amount of land, mostly in the form of localities, which were to serve as communal enclaves for the liberated natives. They did this to protect them from the tyranny of their rajas, as it was feared that under the control of local elites they would be subject to rampant feudalism. The British also decided to resettle large numbers of landless peasants into the liberated areas. In the liberated areas, the British hoped to bring about a dramatic change in the social milieu, in which Hindus would replace their traditional religion with the more accommodating Anglican Christianity, as they had done in England. This would also bring a change in the castes system, in which each caste would be given a share of the land and resources, and they would



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Ndai Na Gicandi Kikuyu Enigmas Pdf

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